On-Demand Grocery Delivery

On-Demand Grocery Delivery


On-Demand Grocery Delivery. Employee #23

Led Expansion from cities 2 to 18

Led Expansion from cities 2 to 18

New market Expansion

Developed & Executed the Launch Playbook that grew Instacart from 2 major markets to 18 in less than 2 years time. The launch playbook included completing the major work streams below over a two-month cycle:

  • Recruit & Hire a full time local operations team
  • Marketing: Guerilla, Online, PR
  • Retail Partner Management / Catalog Building
  • Shopper Fleet On-Boarding & Management
  • Admin: Secure Office Space and Work with Partners on In-Store Setups

Cities Launched:

Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Atlanta, Portland, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Boulder


Supply growth

Managed Shopper Supply Growth on a national level from end-to-end.

  1. Acquisition Channels
  2. Funnel Management
  3. Produced Shopper Video Training Modules


View one of the Shopper Video Training Module's here. Keep in mind this was done with ~10k budget :).

The evolution of Instacart's payment cards from PEX to Marqeta

The evolution of Instacart's payment cards from PEX to Marqeta

Product Management

Shopper Payment Card Overhaul

For the first 3 years of operations Instacart relied on payment card provider PEX to enable shoppers to pay for customer grocery orders. We found a new provider (Marqeta) who proved to be years ahead of PEX technology wise, which allowed Instacart to increase gross margins by reducing shopper fraud and entering into a revenue share agreement.

  • Launched two new card products for Instacart shoppers & cashiers
  • Converted > 15,000 shoppers across 18 U.S cities from PEX to our new and improved Marqeta payment cards
  • Earned an additional $0.60 per order by entering into a revenue share agreement
  • Reduced shopper fraud by implementing Just-In-Time funding

3PL Partnerships

Objective: Test the viability of outsourcing last-mile delivery to third party providers


  • Launch fully operationalized partnerships with three different delivery partners across five of our markets
  • Led API integration with both Sidecar & Zipments who were delivering over 1/4 of our weekly order volume in San Francisco at their peak 
  • Read more about it here