Subscription Home Cleaning

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daily, hotel-style cleaning

I joined Fairy as the Head of Operations and 8th employee during the seed-round stage. I was tasked with overseeing the operations teams in both San Francisco and New York City, as well as directing company strategy. Over the course of 10-months, I was able to shore up many key operating metrics by building out a scalable product and processes for our customers, housekeeper fleet, and ops team. 


monthly Customer retention

For any subscription based business model, customer retention is extremely important to maintain at a high level, otherwise you might want to consider a different model. Led a 6-month initiative to greatly improve customer retention. Focused on moving the. I defined the two levers that would have the highest impact on the customer experience from an ops perspective (Quality of Service & Reliability). By studying every customer cancelation case, we developed a counter measure in the form of a product update, process improvement, or personnel changes. Over this 6-month period, Fairy increased Monthly Customer Retention from 80% to 92% by December 2016.

Housekeeper reliability

When I first joined Fairy, housekeepers we're dropping full days worth of appointments at a rate of ~30%. As a small startup this severely strained our operations and support teams bandwidth daily. Worst of all, this led to missed cleaning appointments for our customers resulting in churn. The root of the problem was housekeeper supply & the lack of tools available to allow housekeepers properly adjust their schedules. After three months of focus, I was able to solve the supply issue and implement the necessary product changes that reduced the housekeeper drop rate to < 10% week to week. 

*Drop % is technically the inverse of Reliability %



Gross margin improvement

Implemented a new housekeeper pay structure + customer pricing plans that led to Gross Margin Improvement of -12% to +20% per appointment, while maintaining competitive effective hourly wages for housekeepers on the platform.